Deviled Eggs

Prep Time

30 min (plus beet bath)



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Deviled Eggs

Ingredient List

6 Hard boiled eggs, cold
½ C Mayonnaise
½ tsp Sea salt
2 tsp The Mustard
1 C Beet juice
1 tsp Vinegar
  Fresh ground pepper to taste

Steps to Follow

Place peeled hard boiled eggs into a glass jar and pour in the beet juice and the vinegar. Refrigerate during 1.5-2 hrs. The longer they stay the pinker they will get, I personally like to have some white by center of the egg. Drain the eggs and rinse them gently. Cut the eggs in half, cleaning your knife in between the cuts (to prevent the bleeding of the beet). Scoop out into a bowl the cooked yolks and mix with mayo, salt and a dash of black pepper. Once you mix into a paste pour into a piping bag, if you have a baking star tip that's great, if not, no pasa nada. A plain zip bag will do. Pipe each half egg white and top with THE Mustard for an exceptional crunch.


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