Blue Corn Empanadas

Prep Time

40 min



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Blue Corn Empanadas

Ingredient List

1 C

1/2 tsp

1/2 - 1 C

Blue corn masa



½ C Shredded cheese
3 Kale leaves, thinly sliced (and massaged)
2 Tbsp The Thai Bird
1/2 C Microgreens (if you have them around)
1 Tbsp Cien Chiles Guacamole for dipping
  Oil for pan frying

Steps to Follow

In a medium bowl, add the dry masa and sprinkle in the salt. Start adding the water 1/2 C to start and the add drips of it as you go. the texture in the masa is very important! Make sure it is pretty moist, but not runny. Roll it into a ball, cover and let it rest for about and hour. Once rested, roll into 1" balls. Use a tortilla press with the help of a cut out plastic bag that is about the size of your press. Grab a little ball and press it gently between your hands to form a thick patty. Place patty between the plastic bags and press gently and pick up the flat empanada and peel off one of the sides. Stuff the empanada with one Tbsp of kale and cheese right in the center of the circle and close it up gently with the help of the plastic. Peel off the plastic bag and fold over the edges of the empanada. Pan fry on both sides until its crispy and enjoy while they are hot and melty.

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