Ahi tuna bites

Prep Time

30 min (plus freezing time)


8-10 BITES

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Ahi Tuna Bites

Ingredient List

8 oz               Ahi Tuna, Fresh cut into small slices

½                   Avocado

½                   Serrano Pepper

2 tsp               THE Jalapeño

½ tsp               Spicy sesame oil

1 tsp                 Everything seasoning

Steps to follow

  • Place ahi tuna in the freezer for about 30 min.
  • Slice ⅛ in slabs and cut those into ½ in squares.
  • Lay flat over a paper towel and prep the rest of the ingredients.
  • Peel avocado or spoon out of the shell and cut the thinnest slices you can get.
  • Fan out the avocado on your board with a gentle touch and cut out thin squares smaller than the tuna pieces.
  • Place over tuna and dress with THE Jalapeño, spicy sesame oil, sliver of serrano and seasoning.
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