When you speak from the heart, people listen.
When you cook from the heart, people open.
They open themselves to the people
and the world around them.
Culture has rich flavors that can’t be synthesized and should never be diluted.
Which is why we get ours straight from the source.Instead of capturing lightning,
we’ve bottled the spark of life.
Flavors that make food, memories
and connections come to life.
Bold flavors that turn every
meal into a moment.
Spices that set passion aflame.
Ingredients that keep it real.
Chiles that keep it.

  • Founded on passion & purpose, our mission is to create fixins that make meals better while making the world a better place to cook them. Sustainable, healthy and delicious.

  • When you cook with love & honesty, something magical happens. Check out our latest recipes designed to create a moment from every meal.

  • All it takes is one spark to ignite a movement. This is more than hot sauce. This is about fueling your inner fire and feeding your desire for adventure.