that keep it real.
Chiles that keep it 100.


that keep it real.
Chiles that keep it 100.

Honest fixins made with a bold, flavorful blend of creativity and authenticity.

  • On food.

  • In food.

  • as food.

Honest fixins that add flavor to anything and everything.

Healthy. Delicious.

"Truly the BEST hot sauce I have ever ever tasted. creamy, spicy, flavorful and its made with perfection. There is no other way to say it. OBSESSED."


"The Jalapeno is a game changer!!! The perfect balance of spice and you can use this sauce with so many different foods. I’ll be a repeat customer hands down."


"This has just the right amount of spice. It’s perfect on chicken, fish, eggs, chips, and even as a dressing! It’s refreshingly addicting and will be a new staple in our home!"


"Soooo good. We have used it as a salsa for chips, and also marinated some chicken with it. It was amazing both ways. Will definitely be buying again."

  • Founded on passion & purpose, our mission is to create fixins that make meals better while making the world a better place to cook them. Sustainable, healthy and delicious.

  • We have big hearts. We love our kitchens and the memories that come out of them. In every bottle you’ll find fresh and modern takes on the handcrafted recipes from our flavorful heritage.

  • When you cook with love & honesty, something magical happens. Check out our latest recipes designed to create a moment from every meal.

  • All it takes is one spark to ignite a movement. This is more than hot sauce. This is about fueling your inner fire and feeding your desire for adventure.

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